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The "Great Teacher" Question.

Teaching in an Independent School and the Differences it Makes

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The Timeless and the Timely: Sustaining while Changing

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      Rocket Science   - A real blast!

      Look no further than the This unique Build-to-Launch approach will inspire every student you teach.

We supply, directly to you doorstep, for one low cost: A complete On-Line curriculum with step-by-step instructions and lesson plans on DVD; all components needed to build and launch 12 rockets PLUS direct, on-line access to the Rocket Man. (Addional rockets available)

Authored by Jack Colpas, retired Middle School Science Teacher, Manatee County, FL, 33 years experience. Jack is Florida Association of Science Teachers (FAST) past presenter and speaker and the June 2006 issue of FAST journal featured article about him and the program. He also was the Summer Program Leader, G. Wiz ~The Hands-on Science Museum (Sarasota, FL)

 Endorsements: Florida Space Grant Consortium, Estes Educator, G. Wiz , the Private School Consultancy

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