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School Governance

Well-governed schools typically enjoy:

fine teachers,

full enrollment, and

generous support from all constituents.

The job of a good Trustee is to serve the school as Advocate and Cheerleader, not Adversary and Critic.  PSC can help your school examine and enhance its present governance. Typically, this is accomplished via a 2 day retreat preceded by a 2 day visit to campus and discussions with key constituents.

 We do a micro and macro review of Board policy and procedures and


Articulate the job description of a good trustee


Assess relationships among Board members, between the Board and the Head, and among the Board, the faculty and school families,


Suggest the Doís and Doníts of good Board involvement in the life of the school

bulletDemonstrate the benefits of Board Advocacy
bulletExamine the critical importance of confidentiality

PCS will lead your school develop excellence in stewardship.

As Debbie Kobernick, Trustee President at Pinellas County Jewish Day School, wrote: "Dr. Novello's leadership, guidance, and information on board governance were invaluable."


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