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About Mike Novello

Mike is a mentor.

Mike has headed two schools (Rivermont Collegiate [IA], The Out-of-Door Academy [FL]) and has been a division head at a third (Poly Prep Country Day [NY]).

He knows intimately the complexities of  leading and running Independent Schools. He has chaired 20 school accreditation teams while a member of the Independent Schools Associated of the Central States (ISACS) and the Florida Council of Independent Schools (FCIS).

He is Past-President of the Bay Area Association of Independent Schools (BAAIS) and a past board member of ISACS.

What People Say About Mike Novello

All of us may think we know our strengths and weaknesses, the problem is that we do not always know what to do, or if we do, we often do not have the strength or conviction to take the necessary action. Mike has no problem defining the problems and the solutions. I believe that Mike Novello can offer that perspective for your school.

P. Jeffrey Birtch, Board Chair, The Park School.

It was clearly evident through his work and presentation [with our Board] that his dynamic skills in leadership, communications, governance and strategic planning would prove to be an invaluable asset to our school.

Pauline Rohrman, Head, Pinellas Jewish County Day School

I note the  following traits in Mike


Take charge attitude has the ability to quickly understand the basic needs of a situation, develop consensus among participants, and lead the way to a resolution.


Big picture approach maintains a strategic direction when dealing with issues,


Listening will carefully listen to concerns or ideas, ask probing questions when necessary,


Dedication is truly committed to the organization or cause in which he is involved. 

                                                   Paul Van Duyne, Board Chair, Rivermont Collegiate

Mike has a lively curiosity that makes him dissatisfied with superficial explanations.  Be it a discussion on our budget or the attributes of community service, his curiosity has frequently led our discussions down avenues and into areas that, otherwise, we would have left unexplored. 

                                                                   Reed Savidge, Board Chair, ODA

Michael Novello is a dynamo, a major talent... I speak for him with particular enthusiasm, confidence and respect.

David Mallery, CEO David's Seminars, former President of the Quaker School's Association, former NAIS Director of Studies

Mike has an astute manner of meeting people where they are, not where he expects them or wants them to be, and hence easily becomes the catalyst for engendering school change and establishing new goals.

                                                  Paul Kraft, Technology Integration Leader, ODA


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