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Why teach at an Independent School in Florida?

Climate:  The quality of the year-round outdoor environment, the quality of  the work environment, the professional staff, and the students are superior.

Competitive Salaries and Benefits:  Many schools equal or exceed public school compensation packages.

Common Commitments:  An academic culture of inclusion and excellence permeates the schools, often resulting in 100% college placement.

Understanding that learning happens all the time - in the classroom, on the athletic field, between classes, and in extra-curricular activities - we screen for truly Independent School minded people.

Our candidates appreciate the fact that parents are partners in their studentís education along with the teacher and the school. They know that great teaching causes real learning to occur and that genuine teachers neither teach the child nor the subject; they know that great teachers teach both the child and the subject.

Working with experienced pros and vibrant newcomers, we recruit the finest applicants for the private school world. The candidates we represent tend to have a passion for teaching, an enthusiasm for kids, a thorough knowledge of their discipline, strong communication skills, and a willingness to sponsor activities or coach

Placement fees are never charged to applicants and institutional fees are either per placement (7.5% of the hires first year's salary) or a negotiated annual retainer.


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