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Executive Coaching      

As the CEO, all eyes are on you for the big I-D-E-A.  You are responsible for keeping the organization and its constituents purring.  You are the giver and the receiver of constructive criticism and praise.

However, by the time some situations reach you, the information you receive is likely to be skewed.  Everyone on the staff has a confidante; do you?

Do you have someone who has walked your walk and talked your talk to guide you? Do you really have a sounding board upon whom to test out new ideas?

Some of the benefits include:


Objective Third Party Feedback


Stress Reduction


Better Decisions for Balanced Results


Strategies consistent with personal and organizational goals

With 38 years of experience advising and mentoring colleagues, I can establish a fixed and flexible timetable for us to review and test your contemplated actions before they happen so as to help ensure successful outcomes.


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