The Private School Consultancy

Over 38 years experience working with private, independent schools


Faculty and Administrator Placement

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Our Mission

To offer programs designed to assist private, independent schools to excel.

What We Do

Three fundamental principles drive our work: people, program, and outcomes.

Our model rests on the shoulders of Emerson ("An institution is merely the lengthened shadow of its people"), Collins (people, then program), and Covey (begin with end in mind).

All schools teach kids to analyze; good schools also teach kids how to synthesize; truly great schools teach kids how to make connections. The Private School Consultancy (PSC) works with schools to analyze, synthesize, and connect to its goals and objectives.

What We Offer?

The Private School Consultancy (PSC) specializes in seminars, workshops, retreats, institutional audits and planning, coaching, and placement.


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